3M Peltor WorkTunes Pro FM-Radio – Headphones – HRXS220P3E (Helmet Fitting)

80.49 (ex VAT)



The 3M™ PELTOR™ WorkTunes™ Pro Headset helps protect you from potentially harmful workplace noise while at the same time enjoy listening to the built in FM radio. The built-in antenna, fast digital tuning and ability to store stations makes the hearing protector flexible and easy to work with.

For fitting to your existing helmet.

  • Protect your hearing and listen to FM radio at the same time with built-in antenna. Store up to 5 stations on the headset
  • Digital station search and voice guided menu system with announced frequencies
  • 3.5 mm listen only stereo input (limited to 82 dB) for connection to external devices (e.g. mobile phone, radio, two-way radio and iPod)
  • Auto power off turns headset off after 4 hours of non-use, to save energy and a low-battery warning informs you when to change batteries
  • To reduce the corrosion caused by sweat the electronics are located in the outer part of the cup

Included in delivery

– Workstyle HRXS220A Ear Defenders (Helmet Type, helmet not included)
– 2 X AA batteries.

Operating Instructions:

There are three modes available; “Volume”, “Search Station” and “Stored station”. Click the power button(On/Off/Mode) to change modes. A voice message will confirm what mode you are in. The volume buttons (+ or – ) will allow you to switch stations in both “Search Station” and “Stored station” modes.

Switching the headset on and off
Press and hold the On/Off/Mode button (Power). A voice message will confirm.

Adjust radio volume
Press the + or the – button to adjust the radio volume. There are eight volume levels, where the lowest level is on mute to enable listening to the external input.

Search station
Press the On/Off/Mode button to search a station. A voice message will confirm, “Search station”. Press the + or the – button to change station. A voice message will tell you which frequency you are at, followed by a short tone when you exit the search station mode.

Store station
Click the power button to switch to “Search Station” mode. A voice message will confirm, “Search Station”. Use the + or – buttons to browse available stations in your area. When you find the station that you want, press and hold the On/Off/Mode(Power) button to store this station. A voice message will confirm that you saved the station. Take care to not hold the On/Off/Mode(Power) button for too long, as this will turn off the device.

To access your preset stations push the On/Off/Mode button till you hear the voice message, “Stored station”. Press + or – to browse preset stations.

Changing radio AM/FM band (only specific models)
Press the On/Off/Mode button to change radio band. A voice message will confirm, “Radio band”. Press the + or the – button to change radio band.

Listening via the 3.5 mm external input jack Connect an external device via the 3.5 mm input jack using a 3.5 mm cable (purchase separately). Press the – button to set the radio volume on the lowest level and mute to enable listening to the external device. Adjust the sound level on the external device.

Automatic power off
The unit will automatic power off after four hours of inactivity. This is indicated by a voice message, “Automatic power off” followed by a series of short tones, then the unit will power off. Press any button to avoid automatic power off.

Attenuation rating (HML)
H=34 M=29 L=22
Battery Life
40 hours
Battery Type
Communication Type
FM Radio
Connection Type
Direct Lead
Hearing Protection Style
Helmet fitting
Noise Reduction Rating
32 Decibel
Product Series
Product Type
Communications Headsets
Recommended Industry
Agricultural, Agriculture
CE Approved
User Type