Aspen 4 – 275L 4 Stroke Alkylate Petrol

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Aspen 4 is a specially-developed alkylate petrol for four-stroke engines. It can be used with a whole array of different four-stroke engines, including lawnmowers, rotary cultivators and snowblowers.

This fuel has been developed in close collaboration with professional users. The collaboration lead to the creation of a fuel with the minimum possible environmental impact and a significantly better working environment for users.

Aspen 4 is largely free of harmful components such as benzene and other aromatic hydrocarbons. It not only provides a better working environment for users, it also minimises harmful emissions, and in doing so keeps the engine cleaner. A cleaner fuel minimises the amount of carbon residue and deposits left on the engine, giving more even and efficient operation. The engine becomes easier to start up, and the fuel can be stored for longer periods.

Unsure if your engine is a two-stroke or four-stroke engine? Check if there’s somewhere to top up the oil, or perhaps a dipstick. If you don’t find one of these, it’s a two-stroke engine. Here, you should opt for Aspen 2, an alkylate petrol mixed with oil, developed especially for two-stroke engines.

Sometimes a little help is needed in finding the right fuel for your engine. To put you on the right path, here’s an article from Aspen on the topic.


Sold in 5 and 200 litre packaging. (Please contact us if you require 200L drums.)


Minimum order 275L.

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