Boly MG984G-36M 4G Wireless Trail Camera

226.83 (ex VAT)

36MP image resolution and 1080p video

Game call mode that allows custom game calls to be broadcasted

Invisible IR at night (No Glow)

60° field of view

100ft. PIR detection range

Less than 1 secs. trigger time

2.3” LCD colour viewer

Molnus cloud service available. Additionally, there is a free mobile application (BG Tools) available for IOS, Android, and Windows, click here to download.


The MG984G  is a 4G wireless hunting camera.

With a worldwide Molnus cloud service, the MG984G-36M trail camera is among the most advanced wireless hunting cameras in the market. The Molnus cloud service allows users to view all the photos and videos taken by this camera on their PC and mobile phone.

The 4G module inside the camera provides a high-speed transfer for videos and photos. BolyRaw–patented image processing technology makes videos and images very enjoyable.

This compact game camera captures 36 MP crystal clear images and full HD 1080P videos with sound recording, providing high-quality details during day and night time. Fast trigger time at less than 1 second.

This camera behaves excellently when capturing both day and night and can work normally in rainy and snowy weather. At night, the camera will not be discovered by animals thanks to its invisible IR – through the use of No Glow IR 940nm LEDs. It takes natural photos and videos without disturbing animals.


  • 4G enabled device
  • Used for animal observation, security, and hunting
  • 36MP image resolution and 1080P HD video
  • Black IR (No Glow) LEDs, invisible at night
  • Active real-time picture retrieval
  • Send MMS/GPRS to your mobile phone or e-mail, or upload your picture to Molnus cloud.
  • Super long-range detection: up to 100ft
  • 90ft lighting Range
  • Built-in 2.3” color LCD display
  • Sound broadcast, used for custom game calls that can be played at intervals
  • Supports multi-language
  • Supports up to 32GB SD card (Included)
  • Water-resistant
  • Pic+video Mode
  • Power Supply: 8*AA, External DC 6V, 2A
  • Boly aspherical large Aperture(F2.4)lens
  • 4G speed, supports all 4G/3G/2G networks

Accessories available – Boly Solar Panel



Molnus takes ownership camera ownership to completely new levels

Molnus is a cloud service that allows users to access to transfer and store images taken through the cameras with the use of compatible devices or a computer. To get started, you need to supply the camera with batteries and a SIM-card that has internet access.

You can setup the camera to take pictures as usual but upload them directly to Molnus instead of sending them by e-mail or MMS. Molnus then immediately sends a notice with a ping to the app on your mobile, that a new picture has been taken. All camera images are saved in a flexible gallery on Molnus. There you have one gallery per camera that you have connected and can easily browse through all the camera’s images in one place! You do not have to look in your inbox and go through hundreds of emails.

  • All images are sorted in one gallery per camera, which makes it very simple and clear
  • You avoid problems with e-mail such as spam filters, the long delivery time of images, misspelling of e-mail addresses, e-mail that ends up in the wrong inbox, e-mail from the camera that mixes with other e-mail, etc.
  • Possibility to change the camera settings remotely
  • Camera status with information about battery level, consumption on SD card, and signal strength
  • Lightning-fast to get started with
  • Direct access to your cameras via app or desktop
  • Share your cameras with friends and share theirs
  • Register new cameras directly in the app

It is free to use the Molnus service!
Once you have installed your own SIM card, there is no further cost for using the standard functions on Molnus. Using Molnus to upload photos, view photos, store photos, and get notifications when photos are uploaded is completely free! No running or fixed costs for these features. However, there are some additional features in Molnus that are associated with costs from third-party providers for which they charge Molnus. If you use these functions, Molnus must charge for them. Payment is made in Molnus-Credits, which is a type of currency used on Molnus. Each new camera comes with 300 free Molnus-Credits to test these features.

In the Molnus app, you can also manage all the camera’s settings remotely, so you no longer have to physically go to the camera to change any settings. Getting started with a Molnus camera is extremely easy. The camera has a QR code that you scan with the Molnus app to add the camera to your Molnus account.

Visit Molnus’ website


Package Contents:

  • 4G Hunting Camera
  • USB Cable
  • Mounting Belt
  • Mounting Bracket
  • User Manual
  • Enhanced Antenna

Plus a FREE SD card worth +€20!

User Manual (Download)