Darlac 390mm Blade for Pole

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A 390mm ‘Tri Edge’ saw (DP 1565) with 6.5 teeth per 30mm, precision sharpened on three planes for outstanding performance and hardened to maximise the life of the tool.
The taper ground blade offers minimal friction and reduced drag.

The upper sickle can be used to cut vines or assist in dislodging snagged, severed branches. The lower sickle undercuts the branch, avoiding strip back when the branch is severed.

  • Constructed from SK-5 High Carbon steel and chrome plated for resin resistance.
  • 390mm ‘Tri-Edge’ saw with 6.5 teeth per 30mm.
  • Cuts on the ‘pull’ stroke – let the saw do the work.
  • Use the upper sickle to cut vines or dislodge severed branches that have become caught up.
  • The lower sickle is used to undercut the branch to avoid strip back when the branch is severed.
  • Length: 18’’
  • Plastic cover for protection.
  • Superior quality for professional use.
  • Use with DP 1570 Telescopic Pole or DP 1566 Saw Handle