Darlac Hand Chainsaw

35.77 (ex VAT)


To work at ground level just fix a handle to each end and pull back and forth with slow steady strokes. A 3″ limb can be severed in as little as 15 seconds! For higher growth throw the weighted rope over the limb first and pull up the chainsaw.
Comes with a handy belt pouch for ease of use
Suitable for pruning, firewood, camping, fencing, decking and tree roots. Darlac’s Pocket Chainsaw is an incredibly flexible cutting tool.

With the weighted rope, there’s no need for climbing ladders for those awkward and difficult to reach branches.

This tool is just as useful at ground and root levels too. For root pruning the bare minimum of excavation is necessary. Only sufficient access for the blade to pass under the root is required.

Heat-treated high carbon steel cutting saw blades cut up to 6 times faster than a traditional handsaw.

  • Cut Capacity – 200 mm
  • 760mm Heat treated high carbon steel cutting blades
  • Cuts up to 6 times faster than a traditional handsaw
  • ‘Trueguide’ automatically places teeth on the branch at the correct cutting position
  • Handles for ground-level work
  • Extra-long ropes for high pruning
  • Belt pouch
  • Weight – 540g

DP 164