EcoMARTENS Universal Tree Marking Paint – Blue/Red/White

5.69 (ex VAT)


EcoMARTENS is one of Germany’s top forestry paint brands. Tested in practice, in the area of ​​the KWF-test wood marking. The KWF is the only organization that examines and certifies forestry technology, tools, supplies and protection equipment at the national and transnational level, and a brand carrying this mark is known across Europe for its superiority.

EcoMARTENS is designed for wood and thanks to its optimized formula can be used even in temperatures ranging from +30 to -20 degrees Celsius.

EcoMARTENS lasts, depending on conditions in the application, between 1-3 years and is characterized by absence of odour, high yield and low risk of contamination.

Available in Fluorescent Red, White & Blue.

Aerosol Can Size – 500mls