Log Skidding Arch

699.00 (ex VAT)


Move your logs by yourself with minimal power & disturbance to the ground.

Log arches are the most effective, ergonomic and useful tools for low impact forestry. Log arches allow for low impact operations, especially in sensitive areas, with minimal ground disturbance and clean logs for portable sawmilling.

Ideal for selective harvesting, thinning, log and material handling for forest land owners, arborist and portable sawmill applications.

Easy for one man to use and can be used behind an ATV, Tractor or Jeep.

• Log Capacity: 60cm diameter
• Max. Capacity Weight: 1 Tonne
• Log Length Capacity: 290cm fully suspended within steel frame.   (With overhang, up to 16 feet)
• Weight Capacity: 1000 kgs
• Tire Size: 20” outside diameter
• Ball Hitch: 50mm
• Arch Width: 150cm includes tires, overall
• Arch Length: 410cm includes tires, overall
• Arch Height: 143cm, overall
• Arch Internal Width: 70cm
• Arch Weight: 100 kgs

Designed and manufactured in Ireland.