LTL Acorn – LTL-6310WMG – HD MMS/GPRS Trail Camera – Wide Angle

292.68 (ex VAT)


The new LTL Acorn 6310WMG series wildlife camera trap combines the extra infrared power of the 5310 series (44 infrared LEDs), the 6210 series’ ability to record video at 1080P HD quality, and the 5310WA’s wide angle lens to give an 100° field of view.

Trigger distance up to 100 feet.

This is the cellular version of the LTL Acorn 6310 series but fitted with the wider angle lens. The 6310WMG can be set up to send images directly to your mobile phone via MMS or to your email address. Not only great for wildlife monitoring, but ideal for surveillance of antisocial or criminal activities (requires sim card – not included).

The 6310WMG also has no cables at all and gives no external sign that it is active, so is completely covert.

The LTL Acorn 6310WMG can also record audio.

The build has changed slightly too, with the LCD screen now on the back of the camera underneath a drop down door.

The LTL Acorn 6310WMG is only available with the “invisible” or “black” 940nm frequency infrared leds ( makes the camera’s “flash” invisible to the naked eye, allowing the device to remain undetected while operating at day or night). Find out more about the differences in LED types here.

The camera holds 4 AA batteries as standard (included), which can give you running time of up to 3 months. However, this can be increased to up to 6-9 months using the additional 8 battery slots in the back of the camera.

It is recommended you do not use Duracell branded batteries in the cellular versions of these cameras, as the batteries power saving technology makes the camera think there is not enough power available. Verbatim’s brand and even Philips own brand are good alternatives, as well as rechargeable and lithium batteries.

The LTL Acorn 6310WMG can also take high-quality 12MP photos. Not only this, but the LTL Acorn 6310WMG camera trap also has superb prep motion sensors. These side or prep sensors are designed to prepare the camera in advance so that it is ready to shoot as the subject moves into the lens view, meaning you get optimum recorded footage of the animal or subject.

The LTLl Acorn 6310WMG also has password protection, 32G max SD card storage (a 8GB Class 10 SD card is included), time & date stamping, timer recording and even a timelapse feature that allows you to tell the camera to take a shot/video at set intervals regardless of whether any movement has been detected.

The amazing thing is that this feature packed trail camera comes in a palm size casing of just 14cm x 8cm x 6cm!

Often known as a game camera, security camera, scouting camera, hunting camera or wildlife camera trap – this device is also used extensively for video surveillance in remote areas where connection to mains power is not possible or practical.

This camera comes with a 1 year warranty. Also included are 4x AA batteries and a 8GB Class 10 SD memory card.