Spypoint Rechargeable Lithium Battery Pack – LIT-10

72.36 (ex VAT)


The LIT-10 lithium battery pack from SPYPOINT is the rechargeable power solution for the MICRO family and CELL-LINK. Extend the time between camera visits and save money by not purchasing multiple sets of batteries a year for every device.

  • Fast and powerful – The lithium battery pack is an additional or replacement battery for animal, surveillance and wildlife cameras. The lithium battery is suitable for all SPYPOINT cameras from the LINK-MICRO series and Cell-LINK.
  • Long battery life – The Spypoint LIT-10 lithium battery package offers a much higher safety and service life than standard alkaline batteries. Longer battery life means fewer controls on the location of your device.
  • Strong cold resistance: especially when it is cold, the battery life of conventional standard AA batteries is dramatically minimised. The lithium-ion battery from Spypoint can be used reliably up to an operating temperature of -20°C.
  • Accessories included – The SPYPOINT lithium battery pack kit LIT-10 is included in the box contents with an AC USB charging cable
  • Technical data – 3.7 V, 10,200 mAh, 192 g weight, primary cell, lithium cobalt oxide (please note the instructions of the battery and electrical law (§ 18 BattG i.V.m. § 10 paragraph 1 ElektroG)

Only fits Link-Micro and Cell-Link units.