LTL Acorn – Metal Security Locking Box

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This is an LTL Acorn metal security locking box to protect your Acorn Series 5310 camera from being stolen or damaged.

  • Designed to work with both the 5310A and the 5310MG antenna camera. If it’s an antenna MMS camera, there is a hole to allow the antenna through as to not impair the functionality of the device.
  • The lockbox is made from strong metal and opens like a clamshell.
  • Using a lockbox does prevent your camera from being removed, stolen or adjusted. However, it does also make the use of the camera more cumbersome for you to work on the camera or set up. It’s a compromise!
  • LTL Acorn camera lockboxes feature all-steel construction with a baked-on powder coat finish and a black break paint job.
  • The LTL Acorn Trail Camera Security Lock Box allows the use of a lock or python cable.
  • This box can be bungeed to a tree then wrapped with a python cable where lag bolts are not allowed.